I am pleased to announce a new version of mahotas, my computer vision package for mahotas.

What’s New

Many small improvements:

  • Greyscale erosion & dilation
  • Use imread module (if available)
  • Add output argument to erode() & dilate()
  • Add 14th Haralick feature (patch by MattyG) — currently off by default
  • Improved zernike interface (zernike_moments)
  • Add remove_bordering to labeled
  • Faster implementation of bwperim
  • Add roundness shape feature

And a bugfix:

  • Fix installation of test data

About Mahotas

Mahotas is a computer vision library. Algorithms operate on numpy arrays, but are implemented in C++ for speed (efficiency is a major concern of mahotas).

It includes algorithms such as watershed, basic morphological operations, feature computation, and other tidbits.

Release: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/mahotas Repository: http://github.com/luispedro/mahotas API Docs: http://packages.python.org/mahotas/ Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/pythonvision General webpage: http://luispedro.org/software/mahotas